We’re starting with a small library of slings and will add more to our collection as we grow. It costs £15 to hire a sling for one month. We also require a £50 deposit for each sling hired. The deposit will be returned to you in full providing it is still in good condition when you bring the sling back. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more details.

Slings available to hire


Hana Baby Wrap

(Photo from

Retail at £35-£50, dependant on fabric. You can buy these through us, please ask for more details.

Lenny Lamb

(Photo from

Retail at £34.50 or £20.70 for B grade

Kari Me

Retail at £44.95

Close Caboo

(photo from

Retail at £59.99, discount available through us, please us for more details

We have 5 Close Caboos in the library

Soft Structured Carriers (buckles) and Mei Tais

Close Caboo DX Go

(photo from

Retails at £65.99

Tula (free to grow)

(Photo from

Retail at £139.90

Tula (baby/standard size)


(Photos from

Retail at £119.90

Tula (toddler size)

(Photo from

Retail at


(Photo from

Retail at £89.90


(Photo from

Retail at £99.95

Boba 3G

(Photo from

Retail at £94

Boba 4G

(Photo from

Retail at £94

Boba Air

(photo from

Retail at £49.50

Connecta (Baby/Standard size)


Retail from £68

Connecta (Toddler size)

Retail from £78

Connecta Solarweave (Toddler)

Retail from £72.95

Integra (Baby/Standard size)

Retail from £70

Integra (Toddler)

Retail from £80

Lenny Lamb SSC

(Photo from

Retail from £108.06


(photo from

Retail from £108.95

Sleepy Nico

(photo from

Retail from £79

Lenny Lamb Mei Tai

(Photo from

Retail from £76.27

BabyHawk Mei Tai

Retail from £64.50

Wovens and Ring Slings

Natibaby size 4 woven

Retail from £58

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to reserve a specific sling.