Professional services

Our experienced and insured Babywearing Consultants, in addition to running regular library sessions, offer the following services:

  • WORKSHOPS: Group session over Zoom or at our venue:
    • Newborn – during pregnancy or with baby up to 3 months. Babes in arms welcome.
    • Back carries – 6 months+
    • Intro to woven wraps – all who are curious!
    • Feeding in carriers – breastfeeding, combifeeding and bottle feeding all welcome
    • Introduction to Cloth Nappies
  • SLING OR NAPPY PARTIES: Group session over Zoom or in your own home.
    • Groups of families and friends: maybe NCT friends, your social group, school parents.
    • Host goes free.
  • CONSULTATIONS: One on one session over Zoom, at our venue or in your own home. Varied lengths.
    • For troubleshooting, new slings for experienced wearers, feeding in carriers, ring slings and meh dais. Intro to cloth nappies.
    • For newborns, back carries, special circumstances (premature, multiple babies, disability), moving out of the 4th trimester, toddler slings, new to carrying (4 months+), woven wraps.
  • BUMP TO BABY PACKAGE: Two one on one sessions over Zoom, at our venue or in your own home.
    • For those expecting a baby. Perfect gift for a friend or family member (gift vouchers available).
    • 45 min session in pregnancy and once baby arrives.
  • PROFESSIONAL SLING FITTING: One on one session over Zoom, booked straight after a library session, or at our doorstep when collecting.
    • For those hiring a sling or carrier, to check the item is fitted safely and comfortably for you and your baby.
    • For those requiring help with their own sling or carrier.
PRICINGDurationNumbersAt our venue or OnlineAt your home
PartyVaries5+£10/hour, host goes free+£5*
Add. time15m1-1£10N/A
Bump to baby45m + 45m1-1£50+£10*
Sling fitting10m (after library/doorstep/Zoom)1-1£5N/A
*+45p/mile over 8 miles