Online libraries

We run weekly online library sessions. Log into Zoom for help with baby carriers, slings and cloth nappies. Show us your own, or see what we have available to hire through the post or local collection/drop off.

Our online library sessions run every Monday between 1pm – 1.30pm, and need to be pre-booked online. Please visit our lending system, register if needed, then go to the events section and book your slot. Wait for the Zoom details and log in!

We suggest a minimum £2 donation to help us cover the costs of running the library (e.g. insurance costs). You can add the credit to your account in our lending system.

During an online library session we will be able to show you some options suitable for your circumstances. You will get approximately 10 minutes with one of our Consultants or Peer Supporters, and we will be able to help with the basics such as:

  • Sling safety.
  • Newborn wearing.
  • Single carrier.
  • Front carry.
  • Cloth nappy basics.
  • Nappy or sling troubleshooting.

You will also be able to arrange to hire from us.

If you need guidance between libraries, more time, or have a less straightforward situation, please contact us to book your 1-1 consultation. Consultations can be useful for a newborn, twins, back carries, if you are uncomfortable, a child crying in the sling, feeding in the sling, or getting your carrier fitted correctly. Or any questions you might have!