About Us


Stork and The Bees is run by two local mums who have a passion for natural parenting. We both have first-hand experience in wearing our babies and using cloth nappies.

We have both completed babywearing consultancy training with the School of Babywearing and peer support training with Born to Carry.




Helena was introduced to slings when her eldest was tiny – he had reflux so being able to hold him upright whist doing other things was a game-changer. Her second-born was carried for most of the first 18 months as a practical way to support a toddler and baby at the same time, as well as loving the cuddles!

She loves a stretchy wrap for carrying little ones, but is most definitely a buckles girl for easy toddler carries.

Helena is our nappy enthusiast, having had both her children in cloth and is happy to talk about cloth to anyone who will let her.




Cristina has two daughters: Chloe who was born June 2015 and little Nora born February 2019.

She learned a lot about babywearing in her journey as a pre and postnatal yoga teacher, and basically decided it was the way forward!

Loved a stretchy for the early months, buckles later on (and for dad!), and eventually made her way into woven wraps too!