About Us


Stork and The Bees was started by four local mums who have a passion for natural parenting.




Caroline has a daughter called Aurelia who was born in April 2015. She researched babywearing in great lengths while pregnant and decided it was the way to go! She has done babywearing peer support training with the School of Babywearing. She enjoys practising different carries with woven wraps.



Helena has a son called Alex who was born in August 2013 and a daughter called Florence who was born in October 2016. She loves a stretchy wrap for carrying little ones, but is most definitely a buckles girl for toddler carries. She is looking forward to trying a tandem carry! She has done babywearing peer support training with Born to Carry.





Cristina has a daughter called Chloe who was born in June 2015. She learned a lot about babywearing in her journey as a pre and postnatal yoga teacher, and basically decided it was the way forward! Loved a stretchy for the early months, buckles later on (and for dad!), and eventually made her way into woven wraps too! Trained as a babywearing peer supporter with Born to Carry.





Georgina has a son called Blake who was born in September 2014. She started her baby wearing journey with a Close Caboo and later found her perfect match in a Tula!