Welcome to Stork and The Bees!

We are a non profit library run by volunteer Babywearing Consultants and Peer Supporters. We offer advice and hire of slings* and cloth nappies, as well as workshops and consultations.

We own a range of slings that parents and carers can try, and also hire them for a few weeks. Slings are like shoes, it’s not one size fits all, so it is definitely worth trying a variety before you decide which one is right for you and your baby/child. We are certified Babywearing Consultants with extra training so we are able to show you how to safely use all the slings and help you figure out the best one for you.

Cloth nappies are also very much about personal preference. We’ve all used cloth nappies on our own children so have a lot of personal experience!

Our library sessions are free to attend, although we ask a voluntary donation of £2 or more to cover our costs! For dates please keep scrolling down and look at the box on the right. Simply pop along for as long as you like to our relaxed sessions to chat with us and the other families present. You can also get advice on your own sling or nappies.

To see which items we have available and in stock, please check on our hire portal.

We also offer group workshops. Please ask us if you’d like one arranged for a group of friends!

Did you know that we also offer gift vouchers? If you’d like to spread the sling or cloth nappy love with a friend or family member, why not get one as a present? 🙂

We’re also always happy to attend antenatal or baby groups or classes to give a short talk about what we do.

Each of us offer individually one to one babywearing consultations in which we can help you in more depth.

* “Slings” is sometimes a confusing term. We mean any kind of device by which you can attach your baby to your body 🙂